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Herbway imported high quality Mangosteen peel raw material from Thailad,produce Mangosteen Extract

Purple mangosteen, originating in the Malay peninsula and the Malay archipelago. In southeast Asia such as Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Burma, it has the more planting.
Our company has the large scale in producing purple mangosteen standard extract. The specification is α-mangostin 10% ~ 90%
Fuctions and effects:
1.Antioxidant: Mangostin is the inhibitor of oxidation of LDL, which have major role in cardio-vascular and related chronic diseases.
2.Anti-allergies and inflammations: γ- mangostin was identified to inhibit COX, as their inhibition acutely reduces inflammations, pains and fevers.
3.Antivirus and anti-bacteria: the polysaccharides in the extract form can stimulate phagocytic cells to kill intracellular bacteria.
4.Anticancer: Mangostin has been revealed to inhibit topoisomerase, which is essential forcelldivision in cancer cells, also could selectively induce cell apoptosis and inhibit cell division.


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